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Profile: Shaimaa Khalil

Arrested in Tahrir Square during the second wave of uprisings in Cairo last August, BBC Journalist Shaimaa Khalil has reported from Egypt, Libya and Saudia Arabia. The Female Frontline spoke to her about her career and experience as a journalist on the female frontline.

Archive footage via YouTube with permission credit InomineX


Now a BBC journalist, Egyptian born Shaimaa Khalil began her career in Broadcast Journalism in the Gulf state of Qatar.

Originally a radio presenter for Qatar Broadcast Service, Shaimaa moved on to television, presenting the news, before relocating to London to complete her degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Gaining work experience with the BBC, Shaimaa kick-started her career, earning herself freelance work upon graduation.

Shaimaa has since traveled with the BBC covering the uprisings in Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Making a compelling and challenging documentary in March 2011. The documentary An Arab Spring in Saudi? was part of a Newsnight project with Sir Lloyd Roberts.

More on this from The Female Frontline: An Arab Spring in Saudi?

Reporting and Editing Jessica Omari Filming Tida Mercedes



One thought on “Profile: Shaimaa Khalil

  1. Great interview I am a undergraduate student studying journalism. I found this very informative. It really opened my eyes up to the type of career I wish to pursue. Can’t wait until when I am reporting live from the frontlines. I wish there was there more interviews available like this. This type of information and footage is so valuable to trainiee journalist.

    Posted by kay | April 7, 2012, 2:54 pm

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